Faith For Life Church

Faith For Life Church launched in the October of 2014; however, there are many events that occurred leading up to this point. As Branden and Hanna Rogers were on a vision trip in Vermont, The Lord led them to see that Castleton, Vermont was where He would use them. With a ‘Thank You Dinner’ for the local firefighters, taking part in the local community events and a Vacation Bible School, taking place before the launch, Faith For Life saw a full house in their small space. God continued to bring people from the “north, south, east and west”, leading the Core Leadership to seek a new location for worship, just a few months after the launch. Faith For Life was led to Castleton University, where they continue to meet on Sunday mornings in Jeffords Lecture Hall. This location has given the church favor in the community and on the campus.

Faith For Life’s mission statement is, “We seek to Glorify God by Making Disciples of all Nations”. There are various ways that this is practiced on a weekly basis from offering opportunities to serve on the Servant Team, connecting with community members on and off the Castleton University Campus and offering the congregation opportunities to serve locally and to go.